About FRP-expert

About the FRP Expert

In our webshop there is a wide range of products where you will find everything you may need for both small and large projects in glass fiber reinforced plastic.
The FRP expert has collected everything you need for all projects in fiberglass, such as pipes, fittings, grids, ladders, manholes and raw materials for your own fiberglass fixtures and all accessories.

Fiberglass reinforced plastic (GAP, GRP, FRP, AP) from FRP Expert is a composite made of glass fiber reinforced two-component thermosetting plastic Vinylester standard. This material provides a product with extreme durability, strength and an extremely wide range of applications.
Our glass fiber products can handle temperatures from -40C up to +80C and a pressure up to 16bar standard, we can also specially produce for higher temperatures and pressure classes upon request. The fiberglass products are suitable for chemically aggressive environments.

Examples of some areas where FRP is suitable:

paper industry
Water supply
Water and purification plants
District heating systems
mining industry
Automotive, car construction
Boat industry, boatbuilding