Terms & Conditions

Returns / Complaint

If you want to return a product.
You have 30 days to return a product to us. Return to standard products with 20% refund. Does not apply to raw materials.
Special orders may not be returned. When you return your item, you must send the invoice with the product.
Send your return with your completed return. Press HERE to access the document.
Print the document, fill it in and put it along with the invoice in the package.

If the product is damaged, make a complaint request within a reasonable time.
We receive the product and assess on the basis of what the product looks like and what it says on the return sheet.
Press HERE to access the document.

Return to address:
Gamla Krokeksvägen 35, 618 33 Kolmården. Sweden.


With us at Gap Experten you have 24 months guarantee.
If you bought a product from us that didn’t have the quality we promised, of course, we take back the product.
That’s why we want to offer 24 months guarantee.
Before a warranty repair or a warranty exchange can take place  we need to get the product back and assess it.
If you used it incorrectly, can we not replace you.
Credit information is taken at the first purchase of all customers. Then we leave 10 days payment terms.

Terms of payment

Credit information is taken on all customers at the first time of purchase.
Your personal information will be used to process your order,
Improve your experience on the site and for other purposes such as
is described in our privacy policy.
Then we leave 14 days payment terms on the invoice.
We will send the invoice to the email address provided.

Shipping / Delivery Terms

We send our products with DHL.
We use our customer number that we have at DHL. NL09.
Shipping is added to the invoice.